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Tathra Place Free Range are proud to introduce the most ethically raised pork possible. We start with large, one to five acre paddocks that are rotated aggressively to allow them to recover and we always have fresh pasture for the pigs to root through. These paddocks are set in thick wooded areas to provide large amounts of shade. All pigs have shed’s for shelter and fresh water troughs.


Our pigs receive a diet of un-medicated pellet as well as freshly picked fruits from our property. We do not use any chemicals or sprays on our property and our pigs are never injected with antibiotics or hormones. Our sows birth naturally in the paddock and are left to raise their piglets in the environment they live in. Pig excursions are common and they love the opportunity to swim in the dam and root around the property.


Two weeks before its time to process the animals they are fed and trained to enter the trailer with no stress. We also drive them around the property so they are comfortable in transit. Our animals are processed at Wollondilly Abattoir in Picton. We offer a large white pig and a saddleback heritage breed and look forward to providing our customers with the most ethically raised pork possible.

Besides the obvious ethical advantages in purchasing our meat there are so many health benefits for you and your family in eating this pastured produce. Including our own family, we hope everyone in the Sutherland shire can strive for at least one ethical meal a week. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at or follow us on and instagram @tathraplace.

We sell ALL of our produce to the public at the Ramsgate Foodies and Farmers Markets EVERY Saturday from 8am-2pm rain, hail or shine! This includes all of our free range eggs, chemical free pastured pork, chicken, beef, duck and small goods. 

Shalani McCray

Wellbeing advocate 

Naturopathic Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist,

Certified GAPS practitioner, MINDD certified,

MAPS practitioner, EFT practitioner

Did you know that fat from animals raised humanely in the traditional method of farming have a great nutrient profile and so it is very nutrient dense. They have good levels of vitamin A, E, K and especially D from being raised outside and being exposed to the sun. One of the fats pig fat is rich in is oleic acid which has been shown to help with depression and be preventative for some cancers and in the recurrence of breast cancer in particular.

Yes there is a high level of saturated fat and we now know that naturally occuring sat fat is essential for the functioning of the human body. Being a saturated fat it also won’t oxidise and we know that oxidised fat contributes to inflammation in the body which is at the root of nearly all disease.

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