How do you grow the most beautiful eating bird possible? Well this is how I think it should be done. It all starts as a lot of our customers know when fluffy little day old Cornish cross chicks are delivered to us at Gymea Bay they first have to learn how to eat and drink in our brooder and we give them an initial boost with some lacrosse in their water.


On Sunday night they are packed back in a box for the short trip riding shot gun (front passenger seat) out to the farm were they are placed in our brooding shed under industrial lighting systems on deep carbon based bedding were they will more than quadruple in size in three weeks. Most of the hours that goes into growing meat birds goes into the constant manicuring of the bedding they live on. People are always shocked when they enter my brooder shed and it smells like wood chips and fermenting grass even with 450 plus chickens around.


In summer they get 2 weeks of this pampering and 3 in winter before they are moved out to live under old trampoline sheds on pasture to free range under the acute care and guard of another Tathra Place Favourite Fluffy the Maremma. There is an electric fence around them which allows the chickens 1200m to roam but it’s ornamental because nothing is getting past Fluffy. Their little sheds get moved daily and the net gets moved along when needed leaving a perfect spreading of chicken manure to feed the pasture. They get a starter crumble followed by a grower crumble which as everyone knows by now are chemical free, antibiotic free and without any GMO. To state that these animals live a stress free life would be an overwhelming understatement.


The hours that go into the brooder bedding and strict rotation means we do not need to use pharmaceuticals and we have never had chest cysts or any real medical issues as well as maintaining a very low mortality rate. Antibiotics just allow the industry to be lazy with their farming practices and knowing how it can be done properly makes these practices more frustrating. Please drive out and see yourself, our gates are always open nothing to hide here.


Besides the obvious ethical advantages in purchasing our meat there are so many health benefits for you and your family in eating this pastured produce. Including our own family, we hope everyone in the Sutherland shire can strive for at least one ethical meal a week. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at or follow us on and instagram @tathraplace.

We sell ALL of our produce to the public at the Ramsgate Foodies and Farmers Markets EVERY Saturday from 8am-2pm rain, hail or shine! This includes all of our free range eggs, chemical free pastured pork, chicken, beef, duck and small goods. 

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