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Tathra Place May 2016-1-94


  • When we say grass fed and finished we mean it. These animals have never been offered any alternative.


  • Not only are our cows grass fed but they are grazed on a perennial pasture just like what they would get in nature.


  • Mob grazing allows us to use our cows to graze small areas creating disturbance and fertilising as they go. Our herd never receive drenches or injections which have become the industry norm.


  • At Tathra Place Free Range we don't care what colour our cows are, only that they can live a happy life without the introduction of pharmaceuticals.


  • The cows are a huge part of the holistic farm management we practice and are the herbivorous component of the multi species pasture healing program.


  • All of our cows are hand delivered to Wolondilly Abbatoir for stress free processing.

We sell ALL of our produce to the public at the Ramsgate Foodies and Farmers Markets EVERY Saturday from 8am-2pm rain, hail or shine! This includes all of our free range eggs, chemical free pastured pork, chicken, beef, duck and small goods. 

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