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-          We use a hi-line ISA Layer. This is the standard brown commercial layer.


-          Our birds are not laser beak trimmed, clipped, fed antibiotics, worming medications or any GMO through their feed.


-          My girls are free ranged in chicken pods that we designed and are rotated behind our cows for pasture purification and fertilisation. They drink from drinker nipples which ensures water is always clean and fresh.


-          Protection from predation is provided from Norbet who is one of our Mareema guardian dogs.


-          The birds are moved aggressively and always have fresh pasture. They consume a large amount of this green matter which makes brilliant eggs.


-          Eggs are collected daily and the chicken pods are also cleaned every day.


-          These beautiful girls really are happy hens and boil over with excitement at the sight of my ute. It takes a lot of time and effort to produce eggs this way but we hope you will agree it also produces the best ones.

We sell ALL of our produce to the public at the Ramsgate Foodies and Farmers Markets EVERY Saturday from 8am-2pm rain, hail or shine! This includes all of our free range eggs, chemical free pastured pork, chicken, beef, duck and small goods. 

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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